VP Race Fuels

C9 - Unleaded

Introduced as a complement to VP’s popular C10 as an economical alternative that offers more resistance to detonation and substantial performance improvements over premium pump gas. In fact, tests in a crate engine showed gains of 3-4 HP and more torque than a competitor’s standard 110 leaded race gas! C9 burns very clean and won’t harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. C9 was chosen as spec fuel for many racing series in North America. A non-ethanol fuel, C9 is also an excellent long-term storage fuel.

VP Trials 2ST - Unleaded

This is an unleaded fuel that has been developed for the specific needs of trial motorcycle engines and has been developed and tested in conjunction with top pro riders. Trials engines are very different in the way they perform, idle and load leading to variations in responsiveness. Trial bike engines have extremely heavy flywheels that the rider must spool up before releasing the clutch. As a result, the engines must smoothly rev from idle to thousands of RPM in an instant and then back to idle without loading up or hesitation. VP Trials 2ST eliminates engine load and hesitation issues as it is formulated for maximum consistency and clean-burning performance in Trials bikes.

  • Designed for High Torque at Low RPM

  • 95 Octane for Clean Burning Power

  • Vaporizes and Runs Cooler than Pump Gas

  • Extremely Long Shelf Life

Motorsport MS109 - Unleaded

MS109 is an unleaded, highly oxygenated fuel that produces more power than any other unleaded fuel - up to 5% more than premium unleaded. Recommended for applications with up to 25 lbs of boost and naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 13:1. Compared to other unleaded fuels, MS109 is the best, all-around product for motorsports.

Motorsport MS109REG - Unleaded

An unleaded, highly oxygenated fuel that produces more power than any other unleaded fuel – up to 5% more than premium unleaded. Recommended for applications with up to 25 lbs of boost and naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 13:1. Compared to other unleaded fuels, MS109 Reg is the best, all-around product for motorsports. Contains MTBE (Power Additives - Drain after use).

VP 110

Reflecting the consistent quality racers rely on from VP products, there’s nothing standard about this 110 blend. Formulated for use in naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 12:1.


The best all-around racing fuel ever made. Recommended for compression ratios up to 15:1, satisfying the needs of 75% of today’s automotive race engines. One of the winningest fuels in racing history, C12 has been the preferred fuel for drag, circle track, and road racers in North America and around the world. C12 is also the best all around two stroke fuel. Works great in vintage air cooled two strokes as well as new engines.


An oxygenated fuel formulated for naturally aspirated engines with CR up to 14:1. Offering substantial power gains at a competitive price versus a non-oxygenated fuel. May require a tuning change for optimum performance. Contains MTBE (Power Additives - Drain after use).

Late Model Plus

This is the racer’s choice for super late model and off-road desert racing. Provides the best detonation protection for endurance style racing with up to 15:1 compression ratios. Late Model + is a very stable fuel when high operating temperatures put a strain on the engine - Drain after use.

C14 Plus

Recommended for high RPM engines with ultra high compression ratios over 14:1. Spec fuel for NMRA and NMCA and dominant fuel in NHRA Championship racing for decades. With the same applications, burn rate, and specific gravity of C14 but with additional octane for better detonation protection. Spec fuel for NMRA and NMCA.


Established a performance standard that still exists today for use in turbocharged engines, supercharged engines and nitrous applications with CRs up to 17:1. C16 is one of VP’s most popular blends.


Q16 Reg is primarily used in intercooled, forced induction drag race applications and is often regarded as the best oxygenated, leaded fuel VP produces. Highly oxygenated, requiring a 4-6% increase in fuel flow, which will make 3-5% more power than competitive 116 octane fuels. The added fuel flow also effectively increases the octane of Q16 Reg by 6-8 numbers above its standard ASTM octane rating, yielding greater detonation protection. It’s also used in any naturally aspirated drag race or truck pull application that doesn’t require fuel rules and is very popular in jet limited nitrous drag applications. Q16 Reg is a real record setter! Contains MTBE (Power Additives - Drain after use).


Is A highly oxygenated blend designed specifically for naturally aspirated engines, works best with fuel injection, offering maximum power over all others. When tuned properly, C45 Reg will handle up to 16:1 compression. With its 108 motor octane rating, pulling a couple degrees of timing upon first test/tune is recommended. C45 Reg requires approximately 4 to 6 percent more fuel than VP’s Q16 so a purpose-built carburetor will most likely be required. Contains MTBE (Power Additives - Drain after use).


Recommended for fogger or three-stage nitrous oxide applications with CRs up to 18:1. Bridges the gap between VP’s C16 and C23. Higher octane and lower specific gravity than most nitrous fuels and may require enriching fuel mixture more than would be required for C16.


Recommended for large cubic inch, carbureted style and nitrous engines offering excellent detonation protection.

Octanium - Unleaded

Is an Unleaded octane booster is formulated to provide an octane boost – up to 7 numbers (70 points), increasing horsepower. It is safe for use in cars and trucks with both catalytic converters and 02 sensors. Octanium Unleaded eliminates knocking and pinging, cleans fuel injectors, eliminates gum and varnish build up, and improves throttle response and acceleration. 32oz treats up to 10 gallons. (38 liters)

  • Safe with Catalytic Converters

  • Safe with 02 Sensors

  • Eliminates knocking & Pinging

  • Lead substitute

  • Cleans Fuel injectors

  • Improves throttle response and acceleration

  • Eliminates Gum and varnish build up

  • Increases Horsepower

  • Increases Octane up to 70 points

M1 Methanol

M1 Racing Methanol has a 99.95% minimum purity – the highest purity available in the U.S. Compared to standard methanol's, M1 engines run cooler and are less subject to corrosion. VP uses only lined drums which prohibit rust, corrosion and metal deposits that can contaminate fuel delivery systems. Recommended for all methanol-legal racing applications. - (Drain after use).

M5 Methanol

M5 is simply the best performing methanol on the market. With its upgraded combustion additives, M5 will make more power than standard methanol, while offering the same or better protection against detonation. M5’s improved vaporization offers a wider acceptable range of air/fuel ratios and tuning, as well as faster combustion speeds. M5 is not pure methanol and won’t pass a water test and has top end lube in it. - (Drain after use).

Torq DX Racing Diesel Fuel

TORQ DX provides superior performance in any diesel fueled racing application. VP’s diesel race fuel is used as spec fuel for several tractor pulling series, offering a consistent product racers can rely on.

Cetanium Diesel Additve

Increase cetane for off-road racing diesel applications. Cetanium® cleans injectors and pumps and will increase your fuel mileage while it replaces lost lubrication.

32oz. treats up to 10 gallons (38 Liters)

• Increases cetane up to 10 numbers

• Increases horsepower

• Cleans injectors and pumps

• Increases fuel mileage

• Prevents sludge and deposits

• Provides protection for Biodiesel applications

• Reduces smoking

• Replaces lost lubrication